Modern Home Office Solutions

Times have changed. Having a office at home is now the new normal…

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Working from home

Did you know that you can qualify for a tax deduction if you're working from a home office?

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Creating functional home work spaces
The new normal

A Dedicated Home Office

The world of work has forever changed. Only a few short months ago no one would have predicted the vast amount of businesses that now have remote based employees.

If you are one of the new wave of remote employees it’s likely that you do not have a dedicated space setup to work at… That’s where we can help out by designing you a work space that can qualify you for a tax deduction.

An Effective area

Minimise Distractions

Homes are full of distractions that making being productive a challenge…

This is why separating your office from the rest of your household will keep you sane if nothing else

Every Space Counts
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Every Space Counts

Why Choose Us For Your Home Office?

Space Planning

Each space is unique therefore needs to be treated as such and evaluated.

Renovating Space

Full installation from fitting units, electrical (correct lighting and power points) and all Zoom/Webinar accessories. Green screen backdrop, head sets and camera. Any other items required for this area.


Assessment and measurements of the space in your home for a workable office.


Suitable comfortable chair & protective flooring covering.

Conceptual Drawings

Maximise space, design and render of the area based on your requirements and needs.

Tax Deduction

Let us help setup your home office correctly so that you can then apply for a tax deduction.

Home Office Green Screen
Professional home green screens
Professional backdrop

Home Office Green Screen

Applications such as Zoom have software generated green screens that will just randomly hide parts of your face behind the background, which then makes your video call look anything but professional.

Luckily there is a simple fix. Our fold-able green screen is an elegant solution that eliminates the software green screen bugs, is easy to setup, quickly folds away and makes your video calls look professional.

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