Bespoke Handmade Furniture

Our custom handmade furniture is what will put the finishing touches to your house to turn it into a home.

Custom Dining Chairs
Manufactured Locally

We manufacture all our custom handmade furniture locally right here in RSA

Custom Dining Room Suite
Custom Made Furniture For Your Home
The finishing touches

Every Piece Fit-For-Purpose

Your furniture is what makes your house a home. It can either make a room look and feel aesthetically pleasing or conversely make you not want to utilise the room at all.

Normally you would need to compromise on the style, finishes & even price when visiting you local furniture store depending on what is currently in stock.

Why not rather have a custom piece made to your requirements that fits the exact room in your home?

Made to Last

Custom Made To Last

All our hand-made furniture is made to last. 

Quality is something you can count on, whereas quantity is something you can count. This is why most mass produced furniture does not last.

Turning Houses Into Homes
The perfect piece everytime

This Is How We Can Help You

We Come To You

As each home & room are unique we come out to you to see the space in person to advise you on what can work in that space.

Designed To Your Needs

We design the concepts around your requirements while advising you on best practices when it comes to the design & finishes.


Assessment and measurements of the space in your home is then done to make sure things fit just right.

Delivery & Installation

We deliver right to your door and install the pieces if needs be.

Conceptual Drawings

Maximise space, design and render of the area based on your requirements and needs.

If It's Furniture We Can Manufacture it

No matter the room & type of furniture that you need in it we can make the perfect piece of custom furniture to fit that space.

Custom Daybed
Custom Bed Suite
Custom Dressing Table
Bed set 1
Bed Set 2
Large Couch

We can even design & install kitchens, dressing rooms & general cupboards

Get hold of us today to start designing your home's new furniture!

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