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Designed & built from the ground up to your requirements.

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Want that authentic cinema experience from the comfort of your home?

Tailor Made Home Cinemas
Cinema Experience

Fully Immersive

We all know that the best way to watch a block buster film is at the cinema. A room that is built to fully immerse you in the cinematic experience you are about to watch.

A room that seals you off from the outside world, getting rid of all the external distractions, which allows your undivided attention to the visual and audio candy on display.

Now imagine all of that in the comfort of your own home, all the while taking your sport & gaming to the next level. All possible in your own custom built home cinema.

We can Help if you're ...

Renovating or New Build

Whether you’re at the design phase of your new home or need custom home cinema renovators for an existing room we can help.

The Ultimate home cinema experience
Built to suit your needs

This Is How We Can Help You

Full Turnkey Solution

We can provide you with the flooring, ceiling, soundproofing, carpentry, furniture (custom made or home cinema chairs), the latest range of audio visual equipment, electrical & lighting plus plumbing.

Conceptual Drawings

Maximise space, design and render of the area based on your requirements and needs.

We Come To You

As each home & room are unique we come out to you to see the space in person to advise you on what can work in that space.

Designed To Your Needs

We design the concepts around your requirements while advising you on best practices when it comes to the design & finishes.


Assessment and measurements of the space in your home is then done to make sure things fit just right.

Delivery & Installation

We deliver right to your door and install the entire room.

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